Zuriel Waters
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2022 My Pet Ram, New York —UPCOMING

2021 Bug City, Left Field Gallery, Los Osos, CA

2015 Bad Boys II (Dark Mirror Paintings), Group Club Association

2014 Bad Boys, Group Club Association



2021 Two person exhibition with Leah Guadagnoli, One River School, Woodbury, NY

2020 FRRC Benefit, CANADA

2019 An Ephemeral Afternoon, Grifter, Curated by Alicia Gibson, New York, NY

2019 A Boreal Nap, Art Lot, Curated by Annie Ewaskio, Brooklyn, NY

2018 Eddy's Room @ Usable Space, Milwaukee, WI

2018 Mummy Junction, Catbox Contemporary

2018 FFFFFFFiguration, Nevven Gallery, Göteborg, SE

2018 Actually Weird, Underdonk, curated by JJ Manford, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Garudge Sale, CANADA

2017 Garden Dwellers, Regina Rex

2017 The Middler Art Fair, Curated by Bannerette

2017 Cosmic Joke, Safe Gallery

2016 Summer Show, Regina Rex

2016 Super Sketchy, DCTV curated by Alley OOP

2016 Large Glass, Spring Break Art Show curated by Jennifer Sullivan

2015 Third Show: Black And Whiteish, Eddy's Room

2015 If Grandpa Sucks, We'll Leave, Bannerette NYC

2015 Cointemporary: Curated By Vienna, Christine Koenig Galerie, Vienna, Austria

2014 Show #11, The Parlour Bushwick

2014 Articulated Lair's, Helper Projects

2014 Welcome to the Personhood, Bermac Arts / Bryan Miller Gallery

2013 That Summer Feeling, Sweatshop Studios

2012 On Country Time, POOLHAUS

2012 Kelly's Eye Club, Orgy Park

2012 East Coast Enematic, 57 Cell

2011 Visual Postmodernities, North Eastern University

2010 RISD MFA Thesis Show, Dunkin' Donuts Convention Center, Providence, RI

2010 Whatever Forever, Black Sheep Projects, Providence RI

2009 A Thin Veneer, Gelman Gallery, Providence RI

2008 Zuriel Waters and Chris Warr, Agitprop, San Diego, CA

2008 Cocked! The Possessed Male: Object of Desire, Luis de Jesus, San Diego, CA



2019 WOPOZI Queens edition

2018 MAAKE Magazine Issue 5 curated by Yevgeniya Baras

2017 Black Cat Journal Issue #2, Review of Philip Hinge at GCA

2017 Clocktower Radio, 2MF with Sister



2021 Heart Murmurs, Klaus von Nichastaggend, Heather Bursch, Drew Kohler, Elisa Jensen, Nicholas Sullivan

2018 Dirt Life, Orgy Park, featuring the work of Frankie Philips, Yasamin Keshktar, and Dave Choi

2017 Cave Music, Regina Rex, featuring Per Billgren as part of "Tandem" group show curated by Steven Mykietyn

2016 Lead-Based, Sister Gallery, Kyle Hittmeier

2016 das Ding, Sister Gallery, Ben Dowell

2016 Better Call the Fish Police, Sister Gallery, Steve Mykietyn

2016 I am a Strange Loop, Sister Gallery, Nat Castañeda

2015 A Necessary Compression, Sister Gallery, Brandon Coley Cox

2015 Noeticus, Sister Gallery, Cooper Holoweski

2015 Lupanar, Sister Gallery, Lisa Cobbe

2015 Medium, Sister Gallery, Faith La Rocque

2015 Part 1, Sister Gallery, Peter Wilson

2015 the beautiful room is empty, Sister Gallery, Daniel Fairbanks

2015 Ad Lib Forms of an Inherent Nature, Sister Gallery, Christina Fisher

2015 Hatshepsut, Sister Gallery, Terry K. Young II

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